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The advantages of choosing steel construction

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Steel structure is the primary green building material. Its high recovery content and recovery rate exceeds that of any other building material.

Green building material structural steel

Steel structure is the primary green building material. Its high recovery content and recovery rate exceeds that of any other building material. Over the past three decades, the steel industry has reduced its greenhouse gas and total emissions by 36%, and increased the water recycling rate of steel production to 95%. Today, the U.S. steel industry is the least carbon-intensive of any major steel producing country, and its footprint will continue to shrink as the U.S. electricity grid becomes more fossil fuel-free.

Steel structures produced in the United States contain an average of 93 percent recycled scrap. At the end of a building's useful life, 98 percent of the structural steel is recycled into new steel products without loss of its physical properties. As a result, structural steel can not only be recycled, but also "recycled multiple times" because it can be recycled over and over again. It is truly cradle-to-cradle material.

Steel structure plant

Overall carbon emissions have been reduced by 36 percent since 1990, and steel production recycles 95 percent of water, with net consumption of just 70 gallons per ton.


More than 1,700 U.S. steelmakers supply prefabricated structural steel for construction and bridge projects; These manufacturers purchase structural steel profiles and plates and manufacture steel to meet the unique requirements of each project.

Construction and installation

Steel is manufactured off-site, with strict tolerances, and can be installed quickly on site, which means fewer workers on the job site, safer working conditions, shorter construction times, and reduced emissions from construction equipment.

Construction operation

Long-span beams with open column-free Spaces attract potential occupants. In addition, compared to other framing systems, steel frames can more easily adapt to future load conditions, vertical expansion, and occupancy changes.


Beams, columns and other structural steel members removed from buildings can be remanufactured for use in new structures without melting and rolling; The remaining steel elements are captured as scrap and used to make new steel products!

Waste collection

By weight, 81% of steel products are recovered for recycling at the end of their useful lives. This includes 85 per cent of cars, 82 per cent of appliances, 70 per cent of containers, 72 per cent of rebar and 98 per cent of structural steel.

Scrap processing

Steel has the highest recycling rate in the world, with more than 70 million tons of scrap recycled by domestic steel mills every year. Currently, structural steel contains 93% recyclable components!

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