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Zhishang Culture


1. Enterprise spirit: be alert to danger, forge ahead actively, unite and cooperate, and fight bravely!

Zhishang International has developed so far, it is its core spirit of enterprise for the majority of employees to provide a steady stream of spiritual support, governance do not forget chaos, safety do not forget crisis, in order to do not chaos before a rainy day. Forge ahead actively, heaven rewards the diligent, unity and cooperation, in order to climb the peak! Zhishang International will, as always, keep in mind the spirit of enterprise and promote the spirit of enterprise! Contribute to the development of society!

2. Corporate philosophy: people-oriented, rich employees, customers first, deep service and development!

With the pace of The Times, Zhishang International has gradually precipitated its own corporate philosophy in the development: people-oriented, rich employees, customers first, deep service and development. We are based on people, because of the ability to teach, with virtue to nurture talent, employees and enterprises with progress and grow together. With the continuous development, Zhishang with professional technology, high quality price, excellent quality and intimate service to win the majority of customers praise, in the new era, we with ingenuity to develop, forge ahead new music!

3. Enterprise goal: Strive for excellent enterprises in the industry! Benefit employees, give back to society!

The continuous growth of Zhishang International is precisely due to our goals. Benefit employees, give back to society. Retain talents, which is a solid foundation for the stable development of the enterprise. Employees are the constituent cells of the enterprise, and the quality of employees reflects the spiritual outlook of the entire enterprise. The company has excellent employees and can give full play to the potential of each employee, which indicates that it has a bright future, a strong market combat effectiveness and competitiveness. It is our responsibility to give back to the society. We hope to take advantage of the east wind of a harmonious society, develop our company and contribute more to the society

4. Corporate vision: Shoulder responsibility and have a long way to go

The company's core values are rooted in customer feedback, which is the driving force for Zhishang International to go to today, but also our common commitment to the future. It ensures that we are consistent in providing high quality products and effective services to our customers. We adhere to the customer as the center, quickly respond to customer needs, deal with customer after-sales problems, continue to solve problems for customers. Responsible, attitude determines everything, with a responsible attitude can have the heart of awe, to see the micro knowledge, to do things well. People should win the market with integrity, do everything well with a responsible attitude, handle every detail, and fulfill the mission undertaken by the strategic team.