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What material does alloy steel belong to?

Alloy steel is a metal material based on iron that improves the properties of steel by adding one or more other elements (such as manganese, silicon, nickel, va···

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45 degrees, 90 degrees pipe butt welding carbon steel elbow pipe fittings

​Elbow is a commonly used connection pipe fittings in water heating installation, which is used to connect the corner of the pipeline and change the direction ···

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nm500 wear plate Can hrc hardness of nm500 wear plate be quenched

NM500 wear plate is a special steel plate with high strength and high wear resistance, which is usually used in extremely demanding wear environments. Its main ···

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How many kinds of carbon steel are there?

Mild steel, also known as mild steel, is a steel with a low carbon content, usually no more than 0.25% carbon content.

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Color coated plate commonly used technology

​As a widely used material, the production process involves a variety of surface treatment processes to ensure that the performance and appearance of the produ···

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