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Galvanized strip

Galvanized strip steel is cold rolled or hot rolled, long and narrow steel plates with different degrees of plating a layer of raw materials called (zinc, alumi···

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The mystery of color steel coil deformation: Scientific discussion of force principle and practical application!

In the past, for the calculation of the internal stress of the steel coil during the winding process of the color steel coil, we usually regard the steel coil a···

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The use of color coated steel plates

Color coated steel plate is a kind of metal material widely used in construction, home appliances, automobile manufacturing and other fields.

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What material is dx51d?

Dx 51d is galvanized coil.


Cost-effective color coated steel plate!

Color coated steel plate is a product made of cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel, zinc aluminum magnesium, and galvanized steel plate as the base mate···

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