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Galvanized steel pipe details and uses

Galvanized pipe is a metal material widely used in various industries, and its core feature is that the surface is specially treated and covered with a layer of···

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What kinds of galvanized steel pipes are there?

​Galvanized steel pipe is mainly divided into cold plating pipe and hot plating pipe.

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Calculation of theoretical weight per meter of galvanized square pipe

Among them, the side length and wall thickness are in millimeters (mm), and the value is directly substituted into the above formula, which is the weight of the···

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Stainless steel pipe bollards

The design of stainless steel pipe bollards is usually very user-friendly, and its shape and size can be adjusted according to actual needs.

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What is a stainless steel double seal tube?

Stainless steel double seal pipe is a special design of the pipe, its main feature is that both the inner and outer layers are made of high-quality stainless st···