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Galvanized steel

​Galvanized steel is a special processing of ordinary carbon building steel, its surface covered with a layer of zinc.

Company News

Can you cook with galvanized steel?

When galvanized sheet and galvanized steel are used in high temperature environment, the zinc layer on their surface may be spalling phenomenon.


Is galvanized sheet cold plate or hot plate?

Hot galvanized sheet is hot rolled galvanized sheet, cold galvanized sheet is cold rolled galvanized sheet.


Do you know how to use galvanized sheet correctly so that it is not easy to rust?

Galvanized sheet is a kind of metal material with excellent properties, which can effectively prevent corrosion and extend service life.Galvanized sheet is a pr···

Industry News

How are galvanized pipes manufactured and processed?

Galvanized strip pipe is a kind of steel pipe made from cold-rolled galvanized strip steel, which is formed by cold bending and then welded by high frequency.