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Advantages and disadvantages of steel structure

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Steel structure residential buildings can be more powerful than ancient Chinese buildings to take into account the relevant provisions of flexible separation of the net width in the construction of the project.


1. Steel structure residential buildings can be more powerful than ancient Chinese buildings to take into account the relevant provisions of flexible separation of the net width in the construction of the project, and can improve the utilization rate of the floor area according to the reduction of the floor area of the column section and the application of lightweight wall panels, and increase the standard use area in the room by about 6%.

2. the actual effect of energy saving and environmental protection is particularly good, the wall uses light energy saving and environmental protection standardized C-type steel, galvanized square steel, rock wool color steel plate, heat insulation cost-effective, building seismic grade is good. Energy saving and environmental protection 50%,

3. the management of the steel structure system for residential buildings can make full use of the good plasticity of the steel structure, strong plastic deformation ability, with high-quality building seismic grade impact resistance, and further improve the safety and reliability of housing. Especially in the case of natural disasters and super typhoons, steel structures can prevent collapse damage to buildings.

4. the total weight of the construction project, steel structure residential system management itself is light, about half of the concrete structure, can greatly reduce the basic project budget.

5. the construction speed is very fast, the construction period is at least one-third lower than the traditional residential system management, a 1000 square meters only 20 days, five employees can be completed.

6. the actual effect of ecological environmental protection is particularly good. Steel structure residential building construction greatly reduces the amount of sand, stone, ash, the common raw materials are usually green, 100% recycled or melted raw materials, in the engineering disassembly, most of the raw materials can be replaced or melted, not easy to cause waste.

7. Flexible and abundant. Large net width scheme design, the interior space design of the room is suggested to be divided into multiple schemes, and different provisions can be customer-centered.

8. in line with the relevant provisions of building industrialization and international relations. Steel structure suitable factory mass production, high intelligent technology, and can energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof, heat insulation, doors and Windows and other advanced products integrated into one, mechanical equipment application, the program design, production and processing, building construction integration, improve the level of the whole industry chain of infrastructure projects.


1. Diversity

The diversity of engineering quality problems of steel structure engineering projects is mainly manifested in a variety of factors causing commodity quality problems, leading to complex reasons for commodity quality problems, even if it is the same characteristics of commodity quality problems, the reasons are sometimes not the same, so that the analysis, identification and treatment of commodity quality problems improve the diversity. For example, welding gap, which can be generated on the welding stainless steel material, can also be generated in the weld heat damage, both from the welding surface, but also inside the welding; The gap can be welded either vertically or quadrangularly. The gap may be cold or hot. The cause is the improper use of welding materials and improper welding heating or heat after the difference.

2. Ductility

The quality of steel structure construction products will also be accompanied by external changes and the improvement of time and gradually develop towards change, and the quality defects will gradually reflect. For example, the welding of steel components due to changes in the stress field, so that there is no gap in the original welding welding leads to a gap: due to the activity of hydrogen in the welding after welding can lead to a time delay gap. If the member bears the load for a long time, the steel member will cause the lower arch to bend and deformation, causing hidden dangers.

3. Serious harm

The serious harm of steel structure engineering quality problems is mainly reflected in: general, damage to the smooth construction of the building, resulting in delay, cost increase, very serious, construction collapse, resulting in life safety casualties, property damage, resulting in bad social impact.

4. Multiple

Since the modernist design in China is mainly based on concrete structure, construction managers and professional technicians are relatively strangers to the production and construction technology of steel structure, and specific construction personnel with migrant workers as the main body do not understand the scientific research and construction methods of steel structure construction projects, resulting in frequent safety production accidents in the whole process of construction.

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