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What is the alloy hammer made of?

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What is the material inside the hammer?

What is the material inside the hammer? The inside of the broken hammer is made of high chromium alloy. High chromium alloy is a kind of wear-resistant material with excellent anti-wear properties, but its toughness is low and brittle fracture occurs. In order to make the high chromium alloy hammer work normally, the structure of the hammer is generally adopted.

The first is to use a large area hammer to support the high chromium hammer head, and the toughness of the hammer handle supports the huge impact force during the crushing process.

The second is a dual-hydrothermal composite material, The material uses different optimal combinations of chromium, molybdenum, copper, nickel, vanadium, titanium and other alloys and rigorous unique production process, set high chromium alloy casting excellent wear resistance, high temperature oxygen resistance, thermal fatigue resistance (or corrosion resistance) and cast steel good toughness and machinability and one, with a single metal material is difficult to achieve excellent wear resistance and impact resistance of the overall comprehensive performance.

The high chromium wear-resistant hammer is the raw material of the ordinary crusher hammer, which is loaded with heavy elements of chromium metal. The grain is refined after the metamorphic treatment during melting, and the next pouring molding is carried out in the negative pressure state. The high chromium cast iron material used in the head of the hammer has high density, can withstand the larger impact load, and has sufficient anti-wear performance. The hammer handle is made of low alloy steel with good toughness, good toughness and no fracture to ensure normal operation.

High chromium wear-resistant hammer is mainly used to break some stones with high hardness, such as basalt, granite, river pebbles and so on. With the strengthening of the infrastructure construction project, the development trend of mining machinery industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and the crusher equipment has been a relatively rapid comprehensive development, and the amount of the hammer head of the main parts of the crusher has increased.

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