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How are galvanized pipes manufactured and processed?

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Galvanized strip pipe is a kind of steel pipe made from cold-rolled galvanized strip steel, which is formed by cold bending and then welded by high frequency.

Galvanized strip pipe is a kind of steel pipe made from cold-rolled galvanized strip steel, which is formed by cold bending and then welded by high frequency. It is characterized by strong protective effect and strong corrosion resistance. Let's introduce the production process of galvanized steel pipe.

1. Feeding process

The first process is the feeding process, the galvanized strip is fixed on the material rack; Convenient to put the strip steel into the storage box for the unit to use, our company spent a lot of money to build MES system, above the production information, production information, warehousing information. Realize paperless office, information sinks to every process, so that employees have first-hand information in real time. Raw materials enter the storage box to ensure continuous operation of the unit.

2. The second process of forming welding zinc supplement process is forming welding zinc supplement process. The strip steel is transformed into steel pipe by forming roll. Next up is the welding and scab removal process. We adopt the more advanced ERW welding process in China, the main principle is to use the skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency welding, so that the surface metal of the weldment to be welded can be heated quickly to achieve welding. Its advantage is that the heat affected zone of the weld is small, the heating speed is fast, and the welding speed and quality are improved. This process plays a key role in the corrosion resistance of the weld of the steel pipe. We use 2 zinc wires with a diameter of 1.5mm and a zinc content of 99.99% to replenish the weld with zinc to ensure the corrosion resistance of the weld to the maximum extent. With this process, we can ensure that the weld is completely invisible on the outside of the steel pipe, and the corrosion resistance of the weld after our treatment is completely consistent with the other parts of the steel pipe.

3. Set the straight process

The third process is the sizing and straightening process, the adjustment of the welded billet shaping roller can ensure the outer diameter accuracy of the steel pipe, or the round pipe is changed into a square tube, and the straightening roller can ensure the straightness of the steel pipe.

4. Flying saw sawing process

The fourth process is the sawing process, when the length meets the parameter requirements, the flying saw will automatically cut, we use the latest generation of high-speed flying saw, cutting speed can reach 150 meters -180 meters/minute; To ensure that the pipe end interface is more flat to the maximum extent, more convenient for later end customers to use.

5. The fifth process of weld inspection process is the weld inspection process. Our product quality control is quite strict. The staff will single out the unqualified products, and we will downgrade the unqualified products.

6. Inkjet marking process

The sixth process is the inkjet printing process, our company uses France's more advanced inkjet machine, which is characterized by clear inkjet, not easy to fade. Our product brand name, slogan and product implementation standards are printed on each steel pipe to ensure that each steel pipe can be reflected.

7. Passivation process

The seventh process is passivation process, in the passivation process we have our own invention patent - galvanized pipe passivation liquid automatic spraying system, to ensure that the passivation liquid 360° uniform adhesion, high passivation efficiency, beautiful outside. Can meet the salt spray test for at least 18 hours, no corrosion. Exclusive process, anticorrosive and durable.

8. The eighth process of automatic blanking packaging process is the automatic blanking system of steel pipe, which is the highest application of our automation and intelligent program. The robot arm is turned over to the conveyor chain, and the protected conveyor chain transmits the steel pipe to the material of the stepper machine for step loading. The automatic sensor is used to identify the position of the steel pipe, the system collects signals, controls the reciprocating transport of the steel pipe by the stepper, and aligns the steel pipe by the roller table. The automatic coding machine automatically identifies the number of steel pipes according to the input instructions, and uses the electromagnetic device to pick up, translate, place and reset the steel pipes in one go to realize the automatic place. The whole process does not require manual operation, and workers only need to monitor the system to work correctly.

9. Automatic weighing and labeling process after packaging, the steel pipe is stepped to the weighing machine by the conveyor chain, and automatically lifted and weighed, automatically labeled, automatically pasted, and automatically discharged from the warehouse in one go. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of employees, but also to ensure that the weight of each steel pipe is accurate, and each steel pipe information (product specifications, production date, raw material manufacturers, production teams, each piece of weight) are given an independent two-dimensional code, easy to trace.

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